Cloud PBX


Uniquecom Enterprise Virtual PBX

Cloud-based PBX Functionalities

Virtual PBX or IP Centrex Systems offer PBX functionality provided by a centralised system. The customers only require terminals such as IP phones, IP-DECT systems and analogues terminal adapters (ATA’s) for fax devices. The Uniquecom VoIP Switch is an optimal solution to support the IP roadmap of corporate voice services towards a cloud-based VoIP solution, enabling the support of previously installed legacy PBX systems. The solution is very appealing for enterprises with geographically dispersed locations that do not want to acquire their own local PBX and prefer to use the Virtual PBX services of a Telecom Service Provider.

The Uniquecom Virtual PBX functionality includes popular features such as conference calls, call forking, group calls, call distribution, voicemail and IVR. A fully-integrated fixed-mobile convergence solution ensures the seamless operation and handover between Wi-Fi, GSM/mobile and fixed-line voice networks. The “one number” concept enables a transparent call distribution amongst mobile and fixed IP phones. The PBX features are not only available in the fixed network, but also on integrated smartphones and on-the-move via laptops or tablets.

Future-proof System Design

In combination with Uniquecom’s Class 5 system, the virtual PBX solution can run on a parallel system or even be installed on the same hardware. Flexible expansion and optimal use of the installed resources ensure a future-proof design and enable the expansion of the system parallel to the growth of the customer base.


Advantages of a Cloud-based Virtual PBX

For corporate customers, the use of a Virtual PBX offers a wealth of advantages, including the initial low investment and the fact that the system is maintenance-free, cloud-based and managed by the provider. The possibility to use the service for flex- and home-workers or to integrate new branch offices, the integrated location independent numbering plan for the company and free calls for all internal communication are the main, but not the only, advantages offered by a Virtual PBX.

The Virtual PBX is administered via the Admin Centre (for PBX administrators and end-users) from any PC or via an application e.g. an application on the iPhone for end-users. The entire administration management of the Virtual PBX may occur via the Data Access Centre in an external Customer Management System. This is recommended if the Telephony Service Provider wants to integrate the Virtual PBX into an already-existing end-user Web-interface.



Auto/Self Provisioning of Extensions

By supporting a broad range of commercially available IP phones, it is possible to reduce the installation and provisioning effort to a minimum. All necessary system parameters are sent to the device as soon as it is connected, supporting a professional customer experience. 

Virtual PBX Functionality on Soft Clients

The softphone clients allow calls to be made through Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile data network. As a unique feature, the smartphone applications support seamless bidirectional handover between the Wi-Fi network and the data network which will ensure that the existing connection will remain active as long as network coverage is available.

The PC client supports comfort features from the PBX and provides a viable alternative for traditional desk phones. The full integration in the numbering plan will allow the support of a “one number” concept (landline number), thus improving communication with external

Virtual PBX Call Features

Virtual PBX System Comfort Features

System Characteristics


There are countless reasons to use cloud phone services.

Here are ten of the best reasons to move your phone service to the cloud.

Be on the Cutting Edge

These days, downloading software and installing them on your own computers are becoming old-fashioned. Things are moving toward; services that you pay for are those that someone else hosts. The cloud paradigm drastically reduces costs of software phone systems, allowing smaller businesses access to the same technology as companies with huge IT budgets.

Access the Amazing Features of Phone System Software

If you have an existing PBX phone system, you’re missing out on many of the great features that come with a software-based cloud phone service. These include client-side applications that make your phone system simple to use. You can even integrate your existing PBX phone system into the cloud phone service.

Reduce Costs

You can eliminate the need for additional computer hardware and software, and network infrastructure to host your own phone system. With a cloud phone service, someone else does all of that work for you so you can get down to the business of using your phone system to make money for your business. There is no cost of ownership with a cloud phone system because you don’t have computer hardware to maintain, repair, and upgrade.

Outstanding Reliability

You can’t afford for your phone system to have any down-time.Down-time means missed opportunities and lost money. Because cloud phone services run on distributed computer systems, you’re immune from a failure of a computer, network switch, or some other piece of hardware that could bring down your phone system. Cloud phone services generally perform with greater than 99 percent up-time.


Here’s where cloud phone services shine. As your business grows, you can scale your phone service up without adding a single piece of hardware or software, or adding new space. All you have to do is increase your monthly subscription payment and you are up and running.

Virtual Workers

In today’s business environment, teams can be composed of virtual workers who are often remote and involved with a business solely to complete one project. With a cloud phone service, you can configure and remove these workers from your desktop or mobile device. Call centers can add and reduce agents without any investments in hardware.

Integration with CRM Software

Because a cloud phone service is another software application, it can easily integrate with CRM packages. Cloud phone systems can share call metadata with your CRM application so you never lose track of relationships with customers. Integration with CRM applications is integral to the success of your business.

One Phone Service for the Business and Call Center

With cloud phone services, you need only one phone system for your business uses and your call center. Cloud phone services features span from the enterprise to the call center. Now, all of your business calls and call center calls can be integrated into the same database for use in reporting and data visualisation to gain the necessary business intelligence across the entire business.

Desktop and Mobile Applications

Interacting with a cloud phone system is as easy as using your computer or mobile device. Desktop and mobile applications make using your phone service easy and intuitive. Cloud phone services expose their interfaces via the Secure Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTPS) that is commonly used for secure web browser traffic, so you don’t need to configure firewalls and create Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to allow for remote access of your phone service.

Ability to Add New Features

Software designers are always coming up with new features for cloud phone service software. Features like workforce optimisation and enhanced speech technology are coming down the road and will make your phone service a greater asset to your business. The good news is that you don’t need to add hardware or software to use these new features. That's the beauty of the cloud.