New Start-up Company

Planning on starting a new business but worried about the initial costs of investment?



Upgrading a Legacy PBX/Keyphone System

You already have a PBX System and you need room for expansion to cater for more users and you wonder – is there a way for me to do this more cost effectively?



Multiple Branch Inter-connections

Your business is doing exceptionally well. You have numerous branches all over the country and perhaps even some in other parts of the world. Your biggest headache – each of your branch regularly needs to call one another or host conference calls – and the phone bills are burning a hole in the company expenses. What can you do?

Call Center Setup

Thinking of setting up a contact / telemarketing centre to better serve your clients but have no idea on how to or how much it will cost?

Enabling IP PBX with VoIP Airtime

SIP trunking solutions (voice VPN)  instantly connect you to Uniquecom’s global VoIP network. Choosing Uniquecom as your international SIP trunk provider ensures amazing voice quality, secure call routing, and affordable SIP termination worldwide. Every SIP trunk solution from Uniquecom includes global outbound dialing with custom caller ID.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Business continuity means making sure that you can keep doing business when factors conspire that could potentially knock you out of commission. Many companies employ business continuity techniques for their data and network systems, but phone system business continuity can be even more important.