Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Easy to Implement Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Business continuity means making sure that you can keep doing business when factors conspire that could potentially knock you out of commission. Many companies employ business continuity techniques for their data and network systems, but phone system business continuity can be even more important. If your customers, suppliers and employees can’t reach you, will you still be in business? PBX parachute and recovery eliminates any type of loss associated with simply being out of contact with your customers because it can immediately replace a complete mirror of an existing phone system the moment the original one goes down.

Things Can Change in an Instant, Your Phone Shouldn’t Be One of Them

PBX failover with PBX parachute happens within hours. And even if the rest of the world seems to be falling apart, if your phone system is still active, your employees can keep your business running from mobile phones or any other line from an alternate, safe location. This means that anything can happen to your business’ main office location and, as long as your employees are safe and can relocate, a telephone failover system like PBX parachute ensures that inbound callers likely won’t even know there has been any complication.

Phone System Disaster Recovery

Some problems are bigger than simple hardware crashes. Fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and pandemics we are experiencing now, do more than just make equipment fail – they make your business completely inaccessible. Plus, recovering from these types of events can take weeks or even months. A disaster recovery phone system allows you to stay in business during any interruption. It can do this because advanced continuity systems like PBX parachute are constantly on standby in the cloud, configured to take on any feature or customization your business needs.


Complete recovery requires making secured and remotely stored data operational on live systems. That’s exactly what PBX parachute does. Employees can be up and running on their disaster recovery data system and talking to clients in real time, not just responding to messages.