Multiple Branch Inter-connections

Your business is doing exceptionally well. You have numerous branches all over the country and perhaps even some in other parts of the world. Your biggest headache – each of your branch regularly needs to call one another or host conference calls – and the phone bills are burning a hole in the company expenses. What can you do?

When businesses are geographically dispersed, communication plays an even greater role in ensuring the business continues to run effectively and profitably. However, with the benefits of greater coverage to serve your existing client base, a new problem presents itself – escalating costs of communications to keep it all together.


Uniquecom can provide seamless communications between all of your business sites. Enjoy the benefits of extension to extension (intercom) calls from one part of the country to another, all on your data network and without the worries of cross-country telephone charges. Have a branch located at the far end of the globe? The same system can be deployed worldwide, enabling you to call your remote branches via intercom, as if the person were in the same building or room.

Inter-branch connectivity through Uniquecom brings you numerous benefits: