Upgrading a Legacy PBX / Keyphone System

You already have a PBX System and you need room for expansion to cater for more users and you wonder – is there a way for me to do this more cost effectively?

Upgrading an existing PBX system (that you may have had for a significant period of time) can be a harrowing experience. Considerations need to be given to raising the necessary cables, ensuring that you have enough available ports (or expansion card slots), ensuring that your vendor or staff have the necessary experience to ensure a successful upgrade and ensuring that the costs involved do not break your budget. Those same considerations become doubled when you need to change the entire system and shift your entire workforce and infrastructure to a new PBX system.


Uniquecom can convert your existing PBX system into an IP based Hybrid PBX by integrating a Voice Gateway. This allows for infinite scalability in future seats (without the worry of licensing costs per seat); access to a host of PBX rich features at nominal costs and use of Uniquecom’s Enterprise Call saving network through TDM and SIP.